The Grammar Coach

The Grammar Coach

One-on-one Coaching

On-site Seminar

Sample 6 -Week Online Course : Mastering Pronouns

Skills you will learn:

  • Proper use of him, her, he, she, they, them.
  • How to make your pronouns agree with (match) your nouns.
  • How to make clear what you are referring to when you use a pronoun like “it.”

Plan of Mastery:

  • Week 1: Diagnosis / Pretest – Rules to remember about pronouns
  • Week 2: Personalized “Prescription” / Plan of Attack designed by a grammar professional*
  • Week 3: Pronoun Reference Lesson / Drills
  • Week 4: Pronoun Reference ADVANCED
  • Week 5: Pronoun Agreement Lesson / Drills
  • Week 6: Post Test / Post Care Plan

* Every GRAMMAR COACH is a degreed English professional.